A pre-drilled hole, the diameter of the anchor, is required. This is a true fastener, not an anchor SELF-THREADING CONCRETE ANCHOR GUIDE HOW ANCHORS WORK Set with a hammering action. Also, to help simplify your selection, refer to our handy chart…. Find anchor fasteners in a variety of types and sizes; a wedge anchor will reinforce your concrete structure or wall, while a stud bolt is best suited for anchoring pipe run supports, blowers, pumps or support racks. A few are self-drilling, but most require a pre-drilled hole. Please enter your friend's name and email address, and your name and email address below. They are pre-assembled and rated for heavy loading. Item 130440. A special tool is required to install or "set" specific anchors. $13.99 $ 13. Screws for Plywood and Oriented Strand Board. White Nylon Flat Head Phillips Drywall Anchors with Screws (20-Pack) are self-drilling anchors for medium duty applications. Simpson Strong-Tie. Below we provide detailed information about each. per unit. Anchor bolts have threaded ends which will allow a nut or a washer to be inserted at the end to secure wall forms and other construction portions into a concrete slab foundation. Minimum installation temperature is not specified for most anchors. Then click the Send button to send your friend an email. Available in different shank lengths and with and without a washer. This type of anchor has two parts: the toggle and the machine bolt. Requiring a hole size smaller than comparable toggle bolts, they are ideal for heavy loads. Keeps Your Rug in Place and Makes Corner Flat. Ramset Drive Pins permanently attach a fixture to concrete or structural steel. They have either screw or spring actuated tabs, wings or body, or a gravity operated plate, that expands behind the wall to lock the anchor in place. FREE Shipping on orders over $25 shipped by Amazon. Anchor bolts are used to securely attach structures to concrete. One Step Wallboard Anchors, E-Z Ancor Self-Drilling Drywall Anchors. Do not use this anchor in overhead applications. Strike Anchors. Find My Store. These heavy duty, machine screw threaded stud Wedge Anchors are designed for concrete. 1/4 in. 2-1/4-in x 1/4-in Concrete Anchors. Acorn Nut Sleeve Anchors, Flat Head Sleeve Anchors, Hex Nut Sleeve Anchors, Round Head Sleeve Anchors, One Step Anchors, Bolt Anchors. They're often used to hold steel and wood panels, doors, framing, and shelving. Tapcon® screws that are well suited for outdoor use include the 410 stainless steel screw which is also Climaseal® coated. In a few cases, the screw or the nail is the complete anchor. A steel washer near the point retains the pin in the installation tool and guides it during the driving operation. Designed for concrete anchoring, they require a pre-drilled hole the same diameter as the anchor. 8 x 1-1/2" General Purpose Screws Flat Head Combo Drive Zinc 100 pc. Spring action causes the wings to open inside the wall, once clear of the entrance hole. Use with cap screws and other machine screw threaded fasteners. Rug Anchors Carpet Hook and Loop Non-Slip Mat Anti-Skid Stickers Square (10PCS, Black) 4.1 out of 5 stars 379. The "T" bar is positioned to fit through a hole in the hollow wall. Also known as Type 17 auger point screws, these penetrate hardwood and reduce driving torque. A few anchors are self-drilling; most require a pre-drilled hole. Hammer Drive Nail-In Anchors, Drive Nail Anchors, Nail-Ins. Certain anchors are designed for hollow walls, others for solid material, and still others for hollow walls and solid material. (226 kg.) Install like a stud anchor— just thread the anchor, a nut, and a washer onto the end of a threaded rod, drive into a hole, and turn the nut to expand the base. DC Cargo Mall 4 D-Ring Tie-Downs with Plastic Pan Fittings, Anchor Trailer Cargo Load with Floor Flush Surface Mount D-Rings; Safe Tie-Down Working Limit 533 pounds. A setting tool (required) pushes the caulking sleeve into the hole as the expander cone causes it to expand and fill the hole. Don't use a hollow wall anchor in a solid wall, or a solid wall anchor in a hollow wall. Anchors provide a secure hold when inserted into materials. Extra depth during installation is sometimes required, like for toggle bolts. Drive the anchor with a #2 Phillips bit. Minimum embedment depth varies with the various designs. Concrete/Masonry Screw and Pin Anchors are one-piece anchors used with concrete, brick, and block as noted. Break off the outer wings when installing in solid base materials. An exclusive feature minimizes vibration-induced wedge loosening. A hammer drill is sometimes recommended during installation. PYI Floor Anchors meet ISAF requirements for offshore boats (category 2.03) and can safely hold 500 lbs. 4.2 out of 5 stars 21 $13.99 $ 13 . To install, the wings are folded back and inserted through a pre-drilled hole. Drive the center pin flush to expand the body and lock it in place. Masonry Pin Grip Drive Rivets, Masonry Rivets. A screw actuates some anchors, while others are gravity or spring operated. Toggler Toggle Bolt Anchors, Never-Drop Toggle Anchors. If you need to mount the Tow-Rax Removable Wheel Chock to a metal floor then you will want part # TWPH2770, which includes mounting hardware for both wood and metal flooring. Hollow Wall Anchors are available in two styles: Drill Style requires a pre-drilled hole. If you are concerned, use Simpson MASA straps. Designed for concrete, block, brick and stone, the Machine Bolt Single Expansion Shield consists of an internally machine screw threaded expander cone and a set of expansion shields. Install with only a #2 Phillips screwdriver. Expand the anchor by tightening the nut. 1/2" anchor bolts as sill plates is probably a 100 year old concept. Strength Beyond Steel. Hollow Wall Anchors are rated for light to medium to heavy duty loads, as specified. Bottom bearing anchors cannot be used in holes deeper than the anchor. Tap-in expanding anchors Sort by: Sort. Designed for concrete, block, brick and stone, these light duty Tubular Plastic Anchors are used with sheet metal and wood screws (not supplied). Rated for heavy loads in concrete and masonry. Fastener Tech Data  |  Understanding Series Introduction. Red Head Stud Anchors are pre-assembled and consist of a bolt body and an expander end plug. Inside the capsule is a "synthetic mortar" that bonds the machine screw threaded stud to the concrete. As the bolt becomes larger, the toggle will also increase in size, and as it gets longer, the more it can accommodate a thicker wall.